About Us

Get To Know Us

Behind the page of @laaurenjade are two creative and adventure-driven souls, Lauren and Jack. We’re originally from the UK, have been together for 6 years and have a passion for inspiring other travel lovers to live their dream life. As a Solicitor back in England, Lauren spent her time climbing the corporate career ladder. Jack obtained a Marketing & Advertising Management degree before becoming a Marketing Manager – he’s now a freelance digital marketer and SEO copywriter.

In 2020, we left the corporate world in the UK to pursue our passion of building a lifestyle that we love and travel full-time. In short, we decided to chase our dreams!

We are advocates of travel, mindfulness and the freedom lifestyle. Through online platforms, we strive to inspire others with destinations and travel tips, as well as to live life to its fullest.

“Life is short and the world is wide.”

Three Things We Love!


I mean, who doesn’t?! Lauren’s favourite dish has to be either an Indian takeaway vegetable korma (basic!) or any creamy pasta dish whilst Jack loves seafood and basically, “I will eat anything” say’s Jack.


We’re not going to lie, it’s only taken us three months to watch 10 whole seasons (gulp). We are now on season 11 – no spoilers please! Safe to say, there’s nothing that beats a good old Greys Anatomy binge-session!


We’re not over here claiming to be avid hikers, but we feel so refreshed, fulfilled and connected (both with each other and nature) after we’ve been on a long walk or hike. We love it and need to do it more often!