The 8 Best Waterfalls In St Lucia

The mountainous, lush green landscapes of St Lucia are home to cascading rivers, natural springs, and awe-inspiring waterfalls.

The Caribbean island of St Lucia is probably most known as a honeymoon, resort-focused island with beautiful beaches. While this is somewhat true, there is an abundance of adventuring and exploring away from the comfort of your luxury resort. The mountainous, lush green landscapes of St Lucia are home to cascading rivers, natural springs, and awe-inspiring waterfalls.

During our 2 months on the island, we attempted to tick off as many as possible. And we sure did find some gems! This list of Saint Lucia waterfalls comprises some tourist hotspots, and a few less frequented spots that are not to be missed. By no means did we visit every St Lucia waterfall – our AirBnB host is still finding them after living on the island for 20 years!

How To Explore Saint Lucia Waterfalls

While Saint Lucia isn’t a big island (27 miles/ 43 km from top to bottom), it’s not the easiest to get around. Public transport is limited, and the roads are winding, so travelling time can be extensive. There are waterfalls across the entire island, but you’ll find most in the south simply because it’s more mountainous. So, if you’re staying in the tourist hotspots of Rodney Bay and surrounding areas, you’ll want to consider hiring a car, doing an island tour, or hopping on one of the many boat trips available. 

Personally, we hired a car for our extended stay. We like the freedom of making our own plans and being on our own schedule. In our opinion, hiring a car is one of the better ways to explore not only the waterfalls but also the island of Saint Lucia in general. 

1. Sault Falls or Errad Falls or Dennery Falls

Let’s start with a hidden gem waterfall! Tucked away near the east coast town of Dennery, you’ll see this waterfall referred to as one of three names; Sault Falls, Errad Falls or Dennery Falls. This is one of the more challenging waterfalls to find, but it sure is worth the effort of driving over to the east coast, navigating your way down a long single-track road, and a short 5-minute walk to the falls themselves.

While this isn’t a gushing waterfall with water crashing into a pool below, we think it’s the most picturesque of the St Lucia waterfalls we visited. Buried in the rainforest, surrounded by greenery and tall rock faces on three sides, it’s a private, secluded, and intimate spot you’ll likely have all to yourself. Also, the water is cold, which after a long drive and a short walk is much needed for cooling off. 

Somehow, we didn’t notice when we were at the falls, but looking back at our pictures, we spotted a face in the falls – can you see it?!

How To Get To Sault Falls

You won’t find this waterfall on Apple Maps, but it is on Google Maps. However, the pin of Sault Falls is actually a mile or so before the beginning of the hike itself. We suggest setting your destination as Treetop Adventure Park. From here, continue on for around ½ a mile – you’ll think this is the end of the road, but it isn’t. On your left, you’ll see a small lay-by/parking area and a sign on the ground that says “Think b4 u litter, snakes love garbage”. There is no other signage for the falls, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Walk past the sign and down the somewhat marked trail until you meet the river bed. Cross the lightly flowing river – there are some stepping stones and rocks to help. Follow the riverbed and rock formations for around 30 seconds, and if you don’t hear the falls first, you’ll see it appear in front of you.

2. Anse La Raye Falls

On the west side of the island, not too far from tourist hotspot Marigot Bay, you’ll find the beautifully charming and delightfully colourful fishing town, Anse La Raye. Famed for its Gros Islet-like Friday night fish fry, this bustling St Lucian town has a hidden gem of a waterfall too. 

Yet again, this is one of those places where you’ll more than likely have the place to yourself, which probably contributed to this being one of our top waterfalls in St Lucia. The beautiful walk/hike and the undeniable beauty of the waterfall itself make this place special. Although you can’t swim or bathe here (the water forms part of the water system for the town), it’s the perfect spot for some amazing photos. 

When you reach the base of the falls, you’ll see a three-tiered cliff face above you, with water flowing over and forming pools at the bottom of each. As you can see, it makes for the perfect backdrop. 

How To Get To Anse La Raye Falls

You’ll find Anse La Raye Falls on Google Maps, and this pin is accurate. If you’re coming south through Anse La Raye, take the left turn just before the bridge. And, obviously, if you’re headed north, take the right just after crossing the bridge.

The falls themselves are up a very long and dusty road, there’s a lot of work going on, and it seems to be close to a quarry. After a few miles, you’ll pass a construction site/quarry on your left, go a little further, and you’ll come to the entrance to the falls on your right. It appears that this used to be a manned waterfall, as there are remnants of an entrance way and building, but it all seems to be disused nowadays. 

Step over the chain at the entrance and begin your walk down to the waterfall. It is a well-marked, very flat trail that’s a 10-15 minute walk along the edge of the river. As with Sault Falls, when you get closer, you’ll have to cross some rocks and stepping stones, but nothing too challenging. Once you’re on the trail, it’s impossible to not find this waterfall. 

3. Toraille Waterfall

Located just outside the most picturesque town in St Lucia – Soufriere, Toraille Waterfall is slightly different to the first two falls we’ve mentioned. This is one of the St Lucia waterfalls that caters to tourists, with a small entrance fee, changing rooms, and the option to grab refreshments. While it has all the natural beauty of other waterfalls, it also has a couple of bridges, viewpoints and seating areas. However, it has a little less authentic feel than those hidden in the rainforest.

At around 10m high, the waterfall itself is stunning. The water is refreshingly cold, and there is easy access to the rear of the falls, so you can let the water crash onto you as you stand beneath it. We’ve been told it can get quite busy here and the fact there are plenty of vendors near the entrance suggests that too. Around 10 am is when it is said to get the busiest, with buses and cruise ship tourists arriving around this time. We arrived just before they opened which is at 9 am, and no one else was there.

How To Get To Toraille Waterfall

Although it’s a popular spot, Toraille Waterfall doesn’t appear to be on Google Maps or Apple Maps. However, almost opposite is the Toraille Waterfall ATV Park, which is on Google Maps, so use this as your destination. Toraille isn’t like the other waterfalls mentioned where you have a walk or a hike. Once you’re at the entrance and have paid your $3 US or $8 EC entry, you’re there.

4. Piton Falls

Although this place is named Piton Falls, it’s not actually on Gros or Petit Piton (they probably called it this as a marketing plot to attract lots of visitors). Nestled down in the rainforest in the shadows of the Gros Piton, it’s wonderfully secluded yet easy to access. 

Here you’ll find two large mineral baths and a small but perfectly Instgrammable waterfall. Honestly, the waterfall isn’t that impressive in comparison to others, but it’s like stepping into a wonderfully warm and refreshing shower.

It’s a great spot to sit for a while, take food with you and have some lunch. Alternatively, you can do what we did and use it as a quick stop off on a day of exploring multiple places. 

There’s plenty of parking, and the staff were friendly and helpful. If someone tries to be your guide, say you don’t need one. The walk to the falls is around 10 minutes, down a trail and steps, but it’s easy to follow, and you’ll have to tip the guide at the end of your journey. The entrance fee was just $3 US or $8 EC.

How To Get To Piton Falls

Piton Falls is perfectly pinpointed on both Apple Maps and Google Maps, making it incredibly easy to find. It also has clear signage at the entrance to its car park. Set back, just opposite Gros Piton, you’ll find Piton Falls just south of Soufriere in the South West of St Lucia. We tied it in with visiting Sugar Beach as they are very close to each other. 

5. Sapphire Falls & Jungle Spa

Located within walking distance from the well-known drive-in volcano and sulphur mud baths, Sapphire Falls and Jungle Spa is a much less frequented alternative for your natural spa treatments. Yet again, this is another beautiful waterfall. The water that flows through the site is from the volcano site, making it warm and grey in colour due to the sulphur. 

Here, you’ll find an impressive waterfall that’s great for pictures. There are large boulders to stand on, or if you’re feeling like getting wet, you can climb down steps into the water and under the falls. As well as the waterfall, there’s a warm mineral bath and shower, which was perfect for relaxing after a long day of exploring. 

We visited late in the afternoon, not long before closing time. In hindsight, we should have done this differently. The entrance fee is around $20 US, making it one of the more expensive waterfalls. However, with this, you get a mud face mask, fresh fruit, coconut oil samples and access to the baths and falls. As we arrived late, we didn’t get any of the additional extras.

However, the two guys working there were great. One of them is deaf-mute, but he’s a kindhearted guy. He took some great pictures for us! The second guy was kind enough to guide us back to our car from the falls as there are two ways to get in and out of the falls.

If you take the route that is signposted, it is an incredibly long way down, but it’s a beautiful walk. We would never have found the way we came out on our own, but it was a much easier walk to get out. I’d suggest taking the signposted route and asking them to show you the easier walk back.

How To Get To Sapphire Falls & Jungle Spa

Google Maps is your go-to for finding Sapphire Falls and Jungle Spa – it isn’t on Apple Maps. It is a bit of a challenge to find, even though it’s close to the Sulphur Springs drive-in volcano. When you turn off the main road to drive towards the drive-in volcano, the entrance to Sapphire Falls is almost immediately on your left. Park on the road and walk down the dirt road. You’ll see signposts for your destination. It’s a long and steep walk, but the steps are safe, and it’s worth the relaxing treat at the bottom.

6. Diamond Falls & Botanical Gardens

To let you know early, although this is probably one of the most recommended St Lucia waterfalls, it’s a no-swim spot. So, if you’re looking for somewhere to cool off and have a relaxing swim, this waterfall isn’t the one. However, they do have a selection of public and private mineral baths, with water of different temperatures, if that’s more your thing.

Another waterfall located in Soufriere, the Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens are most definitely picturesque. The waterfall itself gentle cascades down naturally rainbow-coloured rock and into a wonderful untouched pool, surrounded by beautiful greenery. 

However, this is a cruise ship, resort excursion, and tourist hotspot, meaning it can get busy. We arrived not long before opening time, and as we got out of the car, busloads of people started to arrive. We decided to reshuffle our plans and return later that day at around 3:30 pm. This worked out perfectly as we had the mineral baths and falls all to ourselves.

As this is a well-publicised tourist hot-spot, the entry fee is a little more expensive. It’s $7 US or $17.50 EC for adults and an additional $6 US or $15 EC for the public mineral baths. The private baths are more expensive and, in our opinion, less appealing than the public ones.

How To Get To Diamond Falls & Botanical Gardens

One of the few tourist attractions with signposts, Diamond Falls & Botanical Gardens is incredibly easy to find. Whether you’re a Google Maps or Apple Maps user, it’s perfectly pinpointed on both. If you’re driving, there’s plenty of free parking out the front. You don’t need a guide as everything is well marked, and there are places to buy refreshments inside too.

7. LaTille Waterfall & Gardens

Another off-the-beaten-track spot on the east coast. While this isn’t the largest of Saint Lucia waterfalls, it makes up for it by offering an experience different to the rest. With an entrance fee of $20 EC, you get access to the waterfalls, a fish pedicure and a selection of communal seating areas. Some reviews mention food, but that didn’t seem to be an option when we were there.

The walk from the car to the waterfall isn’t long, just a few minutes, but it is down some incredibly steep steps. When you get to the bottom of the steps, you’re greeted by a small waterfall and a couple of natural showers where water is redirected using bamboo. There’s also a small pool. However, we weren’t sure if you could swim as it looks murky and stagnant. However, as we were leaving, two families of tourists and locals informed us they regularly swam here. 

It’s a picturesque spot, as you’re under a lush green canopy that provides plenty of shade and beautiful shadows, and there are a couple of hammocks in the trees too.

After you’ve taken the climb back up the steep stairs, you can head for your fish pedicure. A freshwater pool is lined with benches for you to sit and dip your feet into the water. I’ll be honest this wasn’t our thing. We gave it a go and couldn’t quite get used to the constant tickling feeling. However, it’s a good addition and something different to other falls.

How To Get To LaTille Waterfall & Gardens

Located close to the town of Micoud, LaTille is on the east coast. We tied this in with a road trip which included Sault Falls and a visit to Vieux Fort. There aren’t any signposts, but you’ll find this place on both Google Maps and Apple Maps. The roads there are in good condition, and it’s very easy to find. Personally, I wouldn’t make the trip all the way to the east coast just for LaTille Waterfall, but it was a great addition to a full itinerary.

8. New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

Ok, so we’ve snook this one in at the end as it isn’t actually a waterfall, but you’ve got the visit this place for some amazing relaxation! This place is hidden in the rainforest near Soufriere. It happened to be just a couple of minutes’ drive from our first AirBnB. 

Take a walk down the well-marked trail, through the lush green rainforest, take a bridge across a stream, and climb a few steps to find 4 different temperature pools, and likely no one else around. With pools built into the rockface, overlooking the stream flowing from above, this is the perfect spot to spend a few hours relaxing in nature. 

At $7 US per person, it’s definitely worth the trip. Take a picnic and a few Piton, and you could easily spend hours here, relaxing in warm natural spring, deep in the rainforest, under a canopy of lush greenery.

How To Get To New Jerusalem Mineral Baths

Located a few hundred yards before Toraille Waterfall, the entrance to New Jerusalem can be a little challenging to find as there isn’t obvious signage. Well, there is, but it’s leaning against a fence, and if there’s a car parked in front of it you won’t see it. It is on Google Maps, but we still ended up in someone’s garden on the other side of the road. As you’re driving up the hill to your destination, the entrance is on your right-hand side. It looks like you’re walking into someone’s garden as there is a house there. However, go through the entrance, turn left and follow the trail.

We hope this blog has helped you plan for the most memorable waterfall adventures in Saint Lucia!

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