Where To Stay In Bequia: The Lookout Boutique Villa & Apartments Review

As soon as we saw pictures of this unique villa, its location and spoke to the owners, we just knew we had to stay at The Lookout.

In October 2021, Jack and I headed to the beautiful paradise island of Bequia, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines for a prolonged stay that would last just short of 4 months. Our first stop was a 6-night stay at The Lookout Boutique Villa & Apartments. Travelling during the pandemic and during October, which isn’t peak season in the Caribbean, meant we had plenty of choice of where to stay on Bequia island. 

As soon as we saw pictures of this unique villa, its location, and spoken to the owners – who we’ll tell you more about later – we just knew we had to stay at The Lookout.

Before Arrival & Check-In

Before travelling to a destination, I’m the type of person who likes to research a lot and as part of this research, reach out to hotels and apartments to ask questions. It helps me to gauge how responsive and helpful establishments are and having answers to questions that would otherwise be unanswered anywhere else contributes greatly to deciding where to stay. We spoke to a few apartments in Bequia and found Chris and Louise (the owners of The Lookout) to be incredibly helpful, responsive and personable. 

After a long day of travelling for almost 18 hours, we arrived in Bequia just as the sun was going down. We felt an immediate sense of relief to escape not only the noise and hurry of travelling, but of daily life, and step foot on this tiny island that embraces an unhurried lifestyle and prides itself on its abundance of smiling faces, swaying palm trees and tropical nature.

Brendan (the recommended taxi driver) was ready and waiting at the airport to take us on the 10-minute ride to The Lookout. We were greeted by the happy faces of Chris and Louise who gave us a hand with our luggage, welcomed us to our apartment – The Hummingbird Deck, then headed out to collect a pizza they ordered for us from Mac’s Pizza and Grill – it was the perfect check-in after such a long day!

At the time of our arrival, there was a mandatory PCR test and 2-day quarantine in place – this has now been lifted and is no longer of concern. Chris and Louise made this process incredibly easy for us by chasing our arrival PCR-test results with the island nurse so we could be let free to explore the tropics.

Before we arrived, Chris and Louise asked us for a shopping list so the fridge and cupboards were stocked with everything we needed during these 2-days and they even made a trip to the shop because we forgot something. 

In addition, we were provided with a lovely welcome pack with essentials such as tea, coffee, beer, local hot sauce, eggs and freshly baked bread, which was still warm when we arrived!

Staying at The Lookout – The Apartment

There are two 2-bedroom apartments at The Lookout, Bequia, both of which can be booked together to sleep up to 8 people. We stayed downstairs, in The Hummingbird Deck – which provided everything we needed and more.

Sleeping up to 4 people, The Hummingbird Deck comprises two large bedrooms with plenty of space, two bathrooms, a spacious living area, a breakfast bar, a fully-equipped kitchen and a beautiful outdoor deck with two seating areas and majestic views over the Caribbean Sea – the place has it all. 

The Bedroom

As there’s just the two of us, we only needed use of the large double bedroom en-suite, to the front of the property. The four-poster bed is super-comfy and draped in a mosquito net to keep those pesky bite machines away during the night. The huge, in-built wardrobe has a safe, ample space for all your clothes and, importantly (of course), a full-length mirror! The bedroom also has a seated dressing area with a mirror on the wall which I instead employed as a desk to complete video meetings while Jack enjoyed the open plan kitchen and outdoor deck next door.

In both bedrooms, you get the added luxury of air-con and a large ceiling fan to keep you cool. We used the air-con for around 5-10 minutes with the fan on to spread the cool air around but, other than that, this place keeps quite cool all on its own. And, the ensuite bathroom is finished to an incredibly high standard and is wonderfully clean. There’s no bath, but who needs a bath in this weather anyway?! The rain-style shower offered a modern yet authentic feel and was exactly what we needed.

This bedroom opens out onto the ocean-facing deck and we slept with the curtains open, meaning we were often woken early with the light coming in and were able to watch the warm morning glow light up the palm trees, tropical flora and the blue Caribbean Sea and watch the moon set into the ocean right in front of us – name me a better way to wake up in the morning! 

Living Space & Outdoor Deck

As Jack and I both work remotely, ample living space and rapid wifi are exactly what we need. We are very impressed with the high-speed WiFi considering we were on a seven-square-mile island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, and even more amazed with the other tech amenities that came with the Apartment – more of that later.

Between the comfortable living room sofas, idyllic breakfast bar, gorgeous outdoor deck and modern bedroom, we had a choice of spaces to work from and could be safe in the knowledge that we wouldn’t interrupt each other’s calls. Anyway, that’s the boring part. 

You will be lounging in comfort in the living area of The Hummingbird Deck. There is enough space to make this apartment more than suitable for a family! Its bright decor and a sprinkle of on-brand yellow make this place feel light, airy and cool. There is a fully equipped kitchen that looks out to the ocean, two comfortable sofas in the living area, a coffee table with your welcome-to-Bequia manual, and a breakfast bar that spans across into the kitchen so you can (hopefully) admire your other half from across the breakfast bar (hopefully) cooking up a storm for date night, Bequia style.

On reflection of our stay at The Lookout, we didn’t spend much time in the living area. The weather is glorious and the views from the deck are to die for, coupled with the temptation to dine al-fresco as the sun sets into the ocean in front of you, we often found ourselves compelled to the outside deck.

The wooden outdoor deck is the magic of this place. Offering panoramic views over Lower Bay, Princess Margaret Beach and Admiralty Bay, it truly is sensational. Take your pick from either of the two seating areas that sit proudly (no pun intended) in front of this apartment. First, a comfortable, wooden dining table and benches that seats 4 people and boasts perfect views to enjoy your breakfast, lunch and dinner al fresco. The second, two reclining cushioned chairs and table, which can be accredited as the perfect spot to take that first sip of coffee in the morning, soak up the Caribbean breeze and gaze at the dusting of yachts and ships across the harbour and ferries as they come in and out. Or, much to anyone’s delight, it’s here where you will involuntarily accept a visit from the hummingbirds, passing by on their way to a day much like any other in Bequia – filled with sun, sea and sand.

Staying at The Lookout – The Little Things

No place is truly spectacular without those moments when you can say ‘oh, they’ve got this too!’ and ‘oh wow, look!” and ‘that’s so beautiful!”. We were blessed with a magnitude of these moments when we stayed at the Hummingbird Deck.

The Lookout boasts the perfect Rainbow views

We were firstly blown away by the welcome pack that was left for us. At a self-catered, self-maintained accommodation, we weren’t expecting to be provided with staples such as cooking oil (in fact, we had a choice of 2 cooking oils including a bottle of local coconut oil, produced in the Caribbean), eggs and bread! Safe to say, we were in awe and it put a smile on our faces as we were exploring the ins and outs of the apartment when we arrived.

It wasn’t long before I discovered the mosquito squatting bats. There were 4 in the apartment, which was a huge bonus as sadly, mosquitoes seem to be very attracted to me! 

The apartment also came with a local phone – very much needed to call taxis, order freshly made bread and local eggs. The Hosts can be contacted via Whatsapp (UK and local number).

Before arriving in Bequia, Chris and Louise provided us with, what I would call, a Bequia Bible, which meant we didn’t have to spend time figuring out some of the minor details ourselves before we headed to Bequia, such as plug adapters, drinking tap water, taxi numbers, car hire, etc.!

Top tip for staying at The Lookout: admire one of the only thriving star fruit trees in the whole of Bequia, swaying in the Caribbean breeze in all its glory. In fact, tropical fruit trees surround The Lookout. You will find banana, orange, star fruit, lime and sugar apple all within reaching distance. We arrived with a basket full of fresh fruit and on our third or fourth day, returned from a day at the beach to a sugar apple and lime waiting for us at our doorstep. Staying at a self-maintained apartment but being able to proclaim 5-star service… Amazing!

As minor as it may seem, yet it made all the difference, The Lookout comes with a water bowl at the entrance of the apartment to wash your sandy feet before going inside. After all, no one wants to be collecting residue sand on the bottom of their feet after a fresh shower, or taking it to bed with them! 

The Bluetooth wireless speaker was also an added bonus so we could soak up the sun whilst enjoying some Reggae out on the deck.

Location – Where is The Lookout in Bequia?

Located on Lower Bay Road, The Lookout is ideally located in comparison to many other Bequia villas. Nestled into the tropical hillside, a mere 2-minute stroll from the two best beaches on the island – you couldn’t be better positioned to enjoy the perfect Bequia holiday. Check out our blog The Top 10 Things To Do In Bequia to read more about Bequia beaches and their position and charm on this tiny island.

In addition to these two white-sand beaches, you’ll find restaurants and bars in abundance within walking distance from The Lookout. Port Elizabeth, the capital of Bequia where you’ll find shops, the island’s only bank, restaurants and bars, is a little further afield, but still within walking distance. To get to Port Elizabeth, locate the start of the Belmont Walkway nestled at the end of Princess Margaret Beach and continue on its path. As far as walkways go, this is an awe-inspiring and stunning one, to say the least. The Belmont Walkway is stretched across the coastline of the Caribbean side of the island and connects all the hotspots, from the beaches to Port Elizabeth and everything in between. 

Top tip: You don’t need a car if you’re staying at The Lookout, most things are within walking distance and anything that isn’t is a short taxi ride away. Check out our blog The Top 10 Things To Do In Bequia to read more about doing an Island Tour.

The Hosts

Chris and Louise, the owners and hosts of The Lookout, first step foot in Bequia in 2015 and since then realised their dream to live on the tropical Caribbean Island. They welcomed their first guests to The Lookout in January 2019 and since then, they have been chief advocates and enthusiasts for the island. 

From our first enquiry, we felt welcomed and like they genuinely cared about us having an amazing time in Bequia. As true Bequia ambassadors, they are full of knowledge, recommendations and committed to ensuring you have all the information you need to make lifelong memories on your Caribbean vacation. 

Throughout our stay and before, Chris and Louise were responsive, answered all our questions, provided us with top tips for life-on-Bequia such as where is best to buy your fresh fruit and vegetables, where to buy a local SIM and even how to make the perfect pumpkin soup with the island-grown pumpkins at your fingertips. 

To complement their eagerness to ensure you experience everything-Bequia, Chris and Louise personally checked in with us during our stay to make sure we had everything we needed.

Having as much information, help and assistance from hosts of a self-catered accommodation was fantastic. Chris and Louise couldn’t have been any more helpful from the moment we first enquired to our final day on the island.

Sunset from The Hummingbird Deck, The Lookout

If you have any questions about Bequia or staying at The Lookout, please comment below, drop me an email at hello@laaurenjade.com or direct message on Instagram @laaurenjade! I would love to help you.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever visited Bequia and what you thought of this seven-square-mile island!

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